Mrs. P. Ahluwalia


Baba Vajrala
(Vice Principal)


Mordern Nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educative approach to meet the health needs of the society. And with this very motive in mind Nightingale Nursing Institute is started in a village Narangwal where the females of this locality or around can be professionally trained first to be aware of self and uplift their standard and then later to reach to the core- by implementing and rending the best bed side care since its an era of great advancement in science and technology, the best skilled manpower must reach out by learning and then to practice the Nursing for the ailing.

A well planned education programme with expert qualified professionals to perpare them as future Nurses is very essential, so they can build good confidence, commitment, sincerity and honesty in them, health of every individual is "ultimately a healthy Nation." Not only to treat the sick but also to bring awareness among those who are illiterate as prevention is better than cure, small remedies will prevent and protect from disasters. The Nurses are trained in such a way to provide a broad and deep sound foundation of behavioral science, to make them know the advancement in nursing educaiton as it has a broad scope and with a postive attitude preparing them for leadership qualities to have a successful career ahead. And the aim of Institute is the basic concept laid by W.H.O. "Health is a state of complete, physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely absence of any disease or infirmity." May God give stength and wisdon to achieve these objectives.

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