The purpose to start Nightingale Nursing Institute is to uplift the girls of rural areas. By giving them nursing education in this institute, the girls can make their future bright. The community is in immense need of Nursing care.

Commitment is one of the main indgredients of success and sucess in turn adds to one's self esteem. Committed people have definite goal in mind.

Self confidence is one of the qualities of committed people. They believe that setbacks are temporary and can be surmounted. Have faith in God, have confidence and begin the work here and now chart your route, mobilise your resource, get going and keep going. Do not stop till the goal is achieved. Be certain that each day we must cover some distance and make some progress. Never mind if your progress is slow, but ensure to face obstacles on the way to success, with courage and perseverance you can master them. To win, be optimistic. To attract others be cheerful and enthusiastic. To win the competitive world acquire knowledge and personality.

Dr. Sarbjit Singh (Director)

Dr. Sweet Kaur (Administrator)

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